So, it's come to this. For a while now I've considered leaving the Mugen community, or at least creating for it. And now I have decided... I'm leaving the community. I'll still make characters, but none of them will be released. That includes my recently announced Mettaton EX, Moonflower, Chara and the secret YouTuber character. And no, I won't even be giving them to my friends; they will remain for ME and ME only.

Admittedly... I have major anxiety, and I have to take medication for it. This is why my Mugen works take so long; I'm anxious about them being of a good standard to be released. Even with my recent WIPs, I get absolutely frustrated when I mess up something. Sadly, I don't have any medication for my frustration. Me revealing this may attract people to harass or troll me, but I don't care anymore. It just shows their maturity levels. Another reason for quitting is how people only come to me for UNDERTALE. No problem with this, really there isn't, but it makes me feel forced to make more UNDERTALE and only UNDERTALE to satisfy what people want. Really, on a video unrelated to my UNDERTALE creations, someone asked me when Toriel will be released. More evidence lies in when I make announcements of non-UNDERTALE creations; they garner little-to-no attention from people, which is quite saddening. Honestly, I really do love UNDERTALE, but unsurprisingly it isn't my only interest. My last reason... I feel like I've only caused bad things. I've gone against what people have said, making them mad. I've shirked my duties for projects I'm involved with, causing massive delays. It'd be better if I just left.

I highly doubt I'll be gone forever, and if I do return I will release what I create. I'll still upload to my YouTube channel to show what I'm making, and I won't take my old creations offline, as that would be more selfish than this decision already is. Will I still work on my two collabs? Yes. After those, no more from me unless I return to releasing content.

Until the day I possibly return, goodbye. And for those who were happy waiting, as well as my few friends and those I have had disputes with... I'm sorry.

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