(This is not the full preview for Frisk, just his assists as the poll ended today)

Recently, I held a poll for who Frisk's assists/helpers would be. The results were... lackluster, but I have decided on who will be Frisk's assists! Here is who they are and what they'll do. Oh, and by the way, Genocide Frisk won't have assist for obvious reasons, although you can still use them when using any 'Chara' palettes of normal Frisk since it only changes the intro.

1. Monster Kid

The most obvious choice besides Toriel, Monster Kid will walk (Or rather run) in from offscreen and trip up after a random time, and proceed to get up and run off afterwards. You'll be damaged if you touch him whilst he is tripping up. He can be hit before he trips up, and doing so makes him run back the way he came.

2. Mettaton

Since I decided to use Mettaton's normal form to differ from Papyrus's Mettaton assist, it was a bit tough deciding what he could do. So, I went ahead and decided he would do what he does if getting a question wrong during his quiz; Fire a laser/bolt at you. You can't dodge it (Locks onto opponent), but can block it. Unlike Monster Kid, hitting Mettaton won't affect him due to his metal body, much like the quiz battle.

3. Asriel Dreemurr (God of Hyperdeath)

Yup, Asriel over Toriel. Why? It's more than likely that she would be the generic projectile assist that almost all of Beanfan's and WlanmaniaX's characters have, as Toriel's attacks mainly involve her fireball magic. So I chose Asriel, and he is the most unique of the assists. He will have two different attacks that will either be chose at random (Through the 'value = (statenohere)%2' in the changestate for Asriel) or done in succession, although I'll likely use the former idea. He also won't walk or run onto screen, but teleport. Asriel can be hit, but it won't do a thing.

As for his attacks, they'll be 'Chaos Saber' where Asriel takes a swipe at the opponent with a blade a few times and 'Shocker Breaker', that summons bolts to strike the battlefield at random. The difference is that there won't be a warning for where the bolt appears (As it'd be a bit complex to do me thinks).

Keep in mind these aren't coded yet, but the sprites are being done, with Monster kid's sprites ready to put into Frisk's SFF.

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