OK, so I feel like I can trust the Mugen community enough to come out about my situation. Essentially, my first girlfriend of 4 months left me out of the blue last Thursday. Of course, that was the day when I announced my break. However, over the following days, I felt worse and worse, so on Monday I went to see a clinic and... I've been diagnosed with minor depression. Yes, I'm being serious. Not looking for pity, sorrow, or anything like that. I'm being truly honest when I say that. Thankfully, I've been better the past few days (since Wednesday), and I'm starting to actually go places again, albeit not far at all.

Despite this, sometimes I'll be completely happy one minute, and then the next minute I feel like I want to die. This is why I've slowed my Mugen progress for now, although I've made quite of progress to my Touhou edit, "Null", which makes me feel good about myself and my abilities.

Any questions, comments, or anything really, then feel free to say so via PM or just drop a comment below. I'll try to respond where possible.

Hope you're all doing well Happy Face

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