Since some of you had different opinions on dry Bowser and some other characters, this is just to clear up some things about the characters, as well as (surprise!) more announcements.

Clearing things up

First off, as mention by plasmoid in a comment, right now dry Bowser is just a grey Bowser. However, this is a placeholder for now. I am working on custom sprites, possibly made in flash, for the character. Next up is about Pksparkxx. He is a novelty/joke character that is a slightly edited version of super Mario, possibly with added coding. However, additional coding will most likely be added in updates to the character and not the initial release. Finally, Rosalina. I may stop working on the character for a while and concentrate on other characters, such as Larry Koopa and the next version of my Charizard edit.

More announcements

First off, I am planning on putting Greninja in mugen kombat. I had this idea since I first announced the project, seeing as there was no Greninja made for mugen. However, a Greninja has been recently made for mugen, albeit not very good. So, I am going to make a Greninja from the bottom up, as well as edit the, currently, only version of Greninja for mugen to hold people off whilst I work on my version. I am also planning to make a Dry Bones character. The nearest thing to completion right now is an add-on palette for legato's Koopa Troopa character. And finally, an edit of Madoldcrow's Scolipede is going to be released publically soon. This edit is going to be the one featured in mugen kombat, and is fatality compatible! This edit also changes his select icon, puts in new palettes, removes some sprites and more minor things. Of course, the character is not compatible with all fatalities yet, but that will be fixed in time.

Before commenting

Remember, dry Bowser's current appearance is a placeholder until the new sprites are done and Pksparkxx is a novelty/joke character. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please comment them below, I do read most comments. Thanks.

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