Recently (by which I mean two days ago), I started a Pokémon Sapphire randomized nuzlocke, and I'm nearing the end of it already (Yes, really. I got to the Pokémon league just before I came to type this.). I must say... It's been a lot of fun, catching a new set of Pokémon I never thought I'd use, training them up and taking them to battle where every moment could be their last. Even if only 7 of my Pokémon have died, each time I've found myself somewhat angered or upset; It's that bond that the nuzlocke is meant to build I suppose. But, playing this randomized ROM gave me an idea for a potential character.

It is simply called Hoenn randomized. It'd essentially be similar to GooGoo's Monsterball or DJHANNIBALROYCE's Ditto, with each attack being a separate Pokémon. Unlike those aforementioned characters, however, which Pokémon attacks is random each time you press a button. For example, standing light would have a few Pokémon that could attack when the button has been pressed. For specials and hypers... Well they would also be random each time you activate either, although to a lesser extent. As another example, Sky Uppercut as a special could turn out as Breloom or Blaziken; The former would have quicker speed but less power, and the latter would have more attack power but less speed. This may be confusing, but it'll make more sense when put into an actual character. For now, only generation 3 Pokémon will be included. If the char turns out successful, I may make similar ones for every other generation, or perhaps a Universal randomizer char that consists of Pokémon from each generation.

Feedback appreciated and welcomed. Hope you're all doing well.

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