Since Cartoonlover98 is nearly complete, I thought I'd give you a little preview of what's to come.

New portrait and icon

Of course, Cartoonlover98 has been given his own portrait and icon. For the portrait, I used the portrait from Fosh Beary as a size reference. For his icon, I had to completely re-do the characters palette for it to show properly!

  • Cartoonlover98's portrait CL98 portrait
  • Cartoonlover98's icon CL98 icon

New assists

Originally, I planned to have the assist be a plate of dinner, due to the character saying: "Dinner, get 'em!". Problems with the sprite caused me to change the assist to....Arnold Shortman. The word 'dinner' is now changed to 'Arnold' (taken from a voice clip off YouTube) to fit the assist. It uses sprites from Jarquin10/ToonAlexSora007's Arnold character. If either of those authors want me to change Arnold to another character, I am prepared to do so (Althoguh I've credited both in the readme for this char). here is what the move looks like (Pieced together using two separate animations):

CL98 call assist CL98 arnold attacks

Also, Zeeky replaces Creeper, Kingmadio replaces Mr. Spickles, and Jontron replaces the Gameboy. Another two moves he has are called Hit 'em with the corpse! and Unseen force. Hit 'em with the corpse! spawns in a random character and Cartoonlover98 hits the opponent with said character. The character used is randomized and can range from Huey Freeman, Scolipede, SpongeBob, and many more. Unseen force is pretty overpowered and takes up a lot of the screen, which will be troublesome on smaller stages such as Skate or die. Essentially, it is the same as Hit 'em with the corpse!, but with some differences. For example, Unseen force deals more damage than Hit 'em with the corpse!, and has greater range than said attack.

That's it

Well, that is all for now. Next blog will be about another character, but not this one.