Before we start...

People are going to hate me for this. I know it. But allow me to explain why I'm doing this tutorial. I hate Blood edits as much as the next guy, although I think the color of blood edits look neat on some characters. So for anyone interested in making these palettes, here is a (sorta) short tutorial on how to make one.

What you'll need

Before you dive in to the world of palette creation, you need the following things:

-M.U.G.E.N (Obviously)

-Fighter factory (Any version will do)

-A character of your choice (Although said character must not have super armor)

-ANDRÉS BORGHI's Final character (You'll see why)

If you're missing anything in the list above, then download them before starting.

The tutorial

Step 1: Open M.U.G.E.N and go into versus mode. For player one, select any character of your choice. For player two, pick Final. Select any stage you want and begin the fight.

Step 2: Give the CPU control over player two (Press Ctrl and 2 at the same time) and start fighting Final.

Step 3: You must not end the battle. Instead, wait for Final to use Piece of mind on your character. When your character turns red, press F1 to kill Final. When your character lands on the floor, take a screenshot.

Step 4: Open MS Paint (or any image editor) and paste the screenshot there. Open Fighter Factory.

Step 5: Open the folder to the char you're making a blood palette for. Copy the chars default palette and rename it 'blood pal', or something along those lines. Open the chars .def and add the blood palette there.

Step 6: Open your characters files in Fighter Factory and select the blood palette.

Step 7: Go back to your screenshot and use the eyedropper tool on any part of the character. Now click edit colors.

Step 8: Do the same in Fighter Factory. In your photo editing software, a color table (Pretty much identical to Fighter factory's) will appear. Take the Hue, Saturartion, etc. from all the blood colors on the screenshot and replace your characters colors with these.

End result

Here are some of my attempts:


Non-cheap blood banana palette

If this was confusing for you, I can understand. I do try my best, though. I've turned off the comments, as I know that some people may make the comment section a war field. Feel free to leave me a message on my wall regarding this blog post, though!

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