So, people seemed pretty keen on Alola Exeggutor becoming a Mugen fighter. Therefore, I've decided to attempt creating it as a character. Think of this as my proper return to Mugen, since I've mostly been investing my time into a Pokémon ROM hack other than Snakewood reborn (since I've kinda cancelled that).

Sprite-wise, Alolan Exeggutor will have custom sprites done by me. If those don't turn out well, I already have a backup, which is to edit an Alola Exeggutor sprite someone else has already made (after obtaining their permission of course). Which one I am currently unsure of, but keep in mind that this is the backup plan only. Now onto the gameplay and moveset plan!

Main gameplay

Alolan Exeggutor is planned to be a rather slow but heard-hitting fighter with a mix of physical and projectile attacks, both being able to hit a fair amount of screenspace due to Alolan Exeggutor's size. This makes up for the character's lack of speed and mobility in-general, especially air mobility. Of course, due to the character's size, it is a rather easy target to hit, which is a prominent weakness when combined with Alolan Exeggutor's slow speed and basic defence and HP stats.

Moveset - basics

X, Y and Z are used for the character's basic attacks, with the remaining buttons (excluding Start) being used for special/hyper activation. These basics follow the traditional light-to-heavy motif, each covering somewhat significant range but with slow speed for starting-up, leaving Alolan Exeggutor rather vulnerable until it gets going with the attack.

Moveset - Specials

  • Egg bomb (100 power required)

A lobbed projectile that explodes upon contact with the opponent or floor. The splash can deal minimal damage.

  • Psyshock (100 power required)

A ranged special that isn't really anything special, dealing fair damage.

  • Dragon Tail (200 power required)

This attack has a very slow startup, but hitting it does sizeable damage and knocks the opponent quite far.

Moveset - Hypers

  • Return (1000 power required)

A physical-based hyper that does more damage the more remaining health Alolan Exeggutor has.

  • Facade (1000 power required)

Similar to Return, although damage is increased the less remaining health Alolan Exeggutor has.

  • Dragon hammer (1500 power required)

The signature move of Alola Exeggutor. It has quick startup and deals a lot of damage, although there is a short time in which Alolan Exeggutor cannot move after using this attack, no matter if it hits or misses.


Keep in mind this is all just a PLAN, and not definitive. Things may be added, changed or removed altogether from the actual character. I'll make a WIP thread when the basics are all done, so stay tuned.

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