Since I've started uploading preview of Sans to my YouTube, I've felt now would be the time to do this.

Since before I started Sans, I planned to do coloured sprites, but wasn't able to find any full sheet of coloured sprites, so went ahead by editing his uncoloured sprites from UNDERTALE. But now, I've decided I'll colour Sans' sprites! Here's a sample of his standing animation in colour:


Originally, Pizzasauce was going to edit Sans to have colour sprites after his release, but I've decided it'd be easier to do it now rather than leave another creator to do my job. Of course, this means Sans will take longer as I have to colour all the uncoloured sprites (A few are already done), but I'm willing to push back the release date for this reason. I'm also not going to do any more sprites until all the current ones are coloured in. This also means the palettes will be redone, but palettes don't take that long.

I have a backup of the uncoloured version, so if anything goes wrong, I can just revert and continue from the uncoloured one.

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