A day ago, my YouTube channel hit 1000 subscribers. Usually this would call for a 1k sub special or something, but I haven't even done my 200 sub special, so that probably won't happen. I would like to say... Thanks. For a channel that started off bashing other characters and pretty much nothing else, I have certainly come a long way. I never expected to get achieve such a milestone, so I am genuinely surprised. But along with this comes the... Other announcement. I'm going on a hiatus. Or rather, a creation hiatus, meaning I'll still check the Mugen sites I usually do, download chars, and so on but just not work on my content. I know, I promised Homing Thistle as my revivement (not a word but bleh) project not too long ago, but classes are eating up a lot of my time, as well as... Well, me now being in a relationship (only as of very recent; It started five days ago so yea), I find little time for Mugen. Now, I don't plan this hiatus to be very long. Only until I can sort my stuff out and make more time to work on my Mugen content. I don't want to claim I'm active and people are then expecting a release to come any day, when in reality I'm talking to my beloved or focusing on school work with Mugen work open in Photoshop and Fighter Factory, minimized. Oh, and there's also another project I've been working on which does contain Mugen references, but isn't Mugen at all. That'll be announced on a different wiki though.

Anyways, thank you for 1000 YouTube subs, and I hope to get back to Mugen work soon. You know how to contact me if you need me.

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