Ok, so a few people have been emailing me about Frisk and when he'll be released, or if they can have him (Or her, whichever you prefer). I've always responded with the same answers ("Working on it", "When it's done", "No" respectively), but I guess I should say now that the original version of Frisk has been cancelled. Before anyone flips out, read the rest of this post! I cancelled it in favour of a restart. I wasn't impressed with the old version; For one, it was very hard to play as. Secondly, there were WAAAAAAAAY too many moves, and most were similar or just pointless. Lastly, and the killer of the project, Genocide Frisk. That is what made development tricky.

The new version will be a combination of my ideas for regular and Genocide Frisk, but with much less 'edginess' and not so many moves or gimmicks.

And for those who want the original version, I won't release it, ok? It's a mess and deserves to stay unreleased. I did give early versions to people for them to test, so if it does get leaked, I'll know why and who did it. If the original version is somehow leaked before the new version is released, I'll scrap the new version altogether; Everyone will have the Frisk they've been clamoring for ever since it was little more than an Kung Fu Man edit, and my job will be done. This may be a bit harsh, but I don't like being nagged about Frisk and am taking a stand.

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