Symbiote SpongeBob's Portrait

My Portrait of Symbiote SpongeBob SquarePants

This is one of my WIP's called Symbiote SpongeBob (A edit of Infantry's edit). Now here is the names of all my WIP's.

Super Marachu (It will be the same Pikachu from Zobbes's edit but sound like like Super Mario)

Symbiote SpongeBob (He will have MadoldCrow's Spongbob's soundpack and will have two more Super's and One more Hyper) *Third One*

Meta Knight (The one from Claymizer he will be the same but will have one more hyper and three more supers)

Mario (I want to)

Pesky Luigi (Someone needs too make one) *Second One*

Timmy Turner (Sprites will be done by Jarquin 10)   

Tepig (Maybe) (The sprites might be done by Chanderlure005)  

Sonic (Sonic CD) (Boredom creation i'm going to make)

Kung Fu Man edit (Going to add the stats and make him have a YTP hyper and Classic Sonic as a helper)

Arthur Reed Edit (He will be a edit from RaptheMonkey9's Arthur but will use more sprites, a new helper, and more moves)

SpongeBob SquarePants edit #2 (Will be a edit of PlaceMario's SpongeBob but with new sprites and two more 

DuelPiccolo's most MUGEN characters

NeverMind about that old caption

Robot SandBag (A edit of the real Sandbag for MUGEN but will fight back but will use  Wlanman's Luke Skywalker as a base and use Snoopy's coding) *First one*

Garfield edit (Only to give him a AL and new Hyper)

That's all everyone good bye.

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