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  • I live in Egypt, last I checked.
  • My occupation is eradicating the Joestars (World Domination on the side.)
  • I am Fabulous
  • Dios World

    Let us bring up a hypothetical situation.

    Capcom and SNK Playmore collaborate to release the third iteration in their crossover series, Capcom vs SNK 3: (Insert hype-building caption here.) There will be a roster of 42 characters in total. 20 Capcom characters, 20 SNK characters, and 2 guest characters determined by fan vote. What would your ideal roster be? I guess I'll show ye's mine. 

    Playing for Capcom...

    • Ryu/Evil Ryu
    • Chun-li 
    • Ken 
    • Akuma/Shin Akuma 
    • Sagat
    • M. Bison/Dictator
    • Cammy 
    • Dudley 
    • Oni 
    • Felicia
    • Strider Hiryu
    • Frank West 
    • Vergil 
    • Zero 
    • Nemesis
    • Haggar 
    • Tessa 
    • Albert Wesker
    • Ruby Heart 

    Playing for SNK...

    • Kyo Kusanagi
    • Iori Yagami 
    • Ash Crimson 
    • Rock Howard 
    • Terry Bogard 
    • Mai Shiranui 
    • Ryo Sakazaki 
    • Kim Kaphwan
    • Haohmaru
    • Iroha
    • Captain Kidd
    • Rugal/Demon Rugal (what ever …
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