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    Uber cheap characters

    November 4, 2012 by Dinner111

    Side note: White Kyurem Aegis has made his own list of the cheapest characters based solely on his opinion & I think you should check that out as well.

    Side note: Black Kyurem also made a similar list of the cheapest characters in mugen.

    This list is only for the characters that are almost impossible to kill. Only the 1st list is tiered.

    1. Salvation Orochi/Giugas(with a greek y, not a u): fights with him will last only seconds.
    2. Void Shiki: One slice from that sword and cue the instant death.
    3. Phantom Donald: He uses a .exe file to win his fights.
    4. G-Guanyin-ICE/L-Reimu/Black Kyurem: They have it made. I could also put down null-debugger characters in general due to how they work.
    5. Ancient Donald: He can kill nearly any fighter, including Killer Donald…

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