• I live in Venezuela
  • I was born on February 1
  • I am Netural
  • DiegoJoseXL

    Yeah, my 1st W.I.P was me in 3rd Desgin

    but too bad I can't release it. BECAUSE FIGHTER FACTORY MESSED UP! sorry for yelling

    Well I'll go download Ultimate Fighter Factory to see if it works

    Bad News : Man, It got rejected because in Fighter Factory Ultimate I opened KFM, I checked the sprites and there gone so I put my sprites on it, I tested it it worked, I put on my mugen and it turn into KFM. sorry for that

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  • DiegoJoseXL

    Anytimes, The_None's W.I.Ps are hard to see, so hmhmhmh, I never got a help from any reason

    If you got any problems or ask me, comment here. well i'm so bored to finish this blog, -_- why i'm so bored

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