As much as I wish to spout profanity over this situation, I refuse too. I'm too refined at mind to lose control.

School is hard on free time, what with the homework and the Calculus. I can't devote any time to creation of Mugen characters simply because school. And.. I have a birthday next Wednesday, and on that day I will go and apply for a job. So that is even less time to try and get a sense of what the heck I'm supposed to do.

I did try using pixel art, but holy crap, am I terrible at computer artistics. I even had a model to try and base off of (attempting to recreate SeanAltly's Squall before I felt comfortable enough to try something original.) Something I should mention is that I have a very minute artistic background, and hardly any of it was done with the computer. If I want my future creations to be any good, I may need to find a way to train myself, practice a little.

Oh, and don't get me started on coding. While Fighter Factory does help.. a little(?) it still seems a bit difficult to understand in full. Time is something I need but don't have, because all of my time is devoted to finding the value of f(x) = 14x^3 - 7x^2 / The Square Root of pi. Maybe when the semester ends I can actually get started.

If anyone has artistic or coding tips, please drop them below. I could certainly use them..

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