How many of you remember SNK vs Capcom: Chaos? How many of you recall/enjoy the awkward, cheesy banter between the combatants before they started beating each other into jerky? I say the world of cornyness shouldn't be restricted to just two developer rosters. 

So my morbid curiosity of people's imaginations has lead me to ask this of you.

If the entirety of Mugen were to be given this SVC Chaos style pre-fight banter, how would it go?

Rules: The two combatants cannot have both existed in the source game. (IE: Ryu vs Kyo) However you CAN place a new combatant against someone from the source game (Rare Akuma vs Serious Mr. Karate.) To dip the waters, I will try and get the party started.

Beavis vs Juggernaut

Beavis: Whoa! Heheh, check it out!

Juggernaut: What do you want, runt?

Beavis: Um heh.. um.. heheheh. You suck!

Juggernaut: You'll regret that snotty remark, wimp! 

*Commence Fight*

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