Okay, heres a new one. Instead of multiple choices of characters, I'm going to review these two completly different characters and you chose which is better.

MadOldCrow1105's SpongeBob


Okay, this SpongeBob was made by MadOldCrow1105. It's sprites look great, it references episodes with specials and hypers together, and is more original. To me, he's a little harder to control, he's a little slower on some of his specials and hypers, some that can make opponents to easily block it. It has a much more weaker AI that FelixMario2011's SpongeBob which makes it more easier to KO him.

FelixMario2011's SpongeBob

Spongebob placemario stand

Well, this SpongeBob is more faster in gameplay controls, makes more combos, and has a little more reasonable attack stat than MadOldCrow's version. This SpongeBob does not have better sprites than MadOldCrow's version, and some of his attacks are not as great (ex. his strong kick makes look like hes sitting down while sliding). He also uses an MvC Template too, but has more stronger AI.

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