Ryothrow Ryotired

Hello friends and people I probably might not know, I am here to announce that I am officially coming out of hiatus for the time being. I have finally returned, and I'm actually in the process of editing some of my older edits, as well as a new retro arcade beat 'em up character coming out sometime later. Also I might consider making a new website seeing as how I haven't been using my old one at all in a long time


Ryo (Art of Fighting): I have been working on this edit for a little while now, and given how much more experienced I am with ripping sprites, I have been working hard on Ryo to give him more sprites from the original game, a throw move missing from Fred's original version, and some other minor fixes to make him more accurate to the original game. 


Blob (ClayFighter): Although not being worked on at the moment, I am considering myself to edit Blob, such as the Claytalities, and other minor fixes.


CODY (Final Fight): My first "official" character in development. By that I mean most of the work is being dealt with by me with cropping all the sprites (credit to Ragey for ripping them), as well as adding the appropriate sounds. This character is using Ali's Hagger as a base (for the score and lives counter as well as weapons), but I plan on changing the collision boxes to match with Cody and change the gameplay.


SODOM aka Katana (Final Fight): My second Final Fight character I am working on. Unlike Cody, however, he will have more gameplay more along the lines of an actual fighter.

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