Is this the end? What has MUGEN become now? I remember MUGEN, in 2007, where creators like Judgespear, Warner, ShinRyoga, all being the first MUGEN creators that centainly inspired ALL of us. Decent sprites, sounds, AI, all from these legendary creators, and there are many more I didn't name.But now, MUGEN is just BAD. Not saying every creator is bad (Madoldcrow1105, FelixMario2011, Zobbes), but MUGEN just doesn't feel like, MUGEN anymore. Bad attempts, bad sprites, and bad gameplay for some creators. This list doe NOT include spriteswaps since everyone knows those are horrible.


Christiandel42008's Rigby: Horrible sprites, bad gameplay, collisions are all out, worst Rigby EVAH!


Modern Mugenfan: Man, this is trash. Bad sprites, overall bad gameplay, and bad attempt to not use coding from other characters.


Sonicadam's Gumball: Made horrible use of N64Mario's template, bad sprites, and Shun Goku Satsu!?


Mugenfan's Sandy Cheeks: Bad use of MvC template, bad sprites, and bad thought out hypers. Now that Zobbes though of it, Blue Aardvark isn't that bad.


WlanmaniaX's Rocko: Aperson's video showed me how better beta Rocko was than WlanmaniaX's bad edited Rocko, and deserves to be here.


Yagoshi's Edit of OLD Daniel 2010: Bad sprites, horrible sounds, cheap hypers, spamming projectiles, and bad sprites.


Beanfan112's Princess Jasmine: Bad thought of hypers, sprites are not as good as I thought it would be, and bad gameplay.


WlanmaniaX's OCs / Tied: Bad sprites, glitchy coding, stealing character's moves and coding, bad voicepacks, spamming projectiles, bad use of MvC templates.


Beanfan112's Lola Bunny: FUCK GAMEPLAY! Blocky sprites like Megara! Stupid Madoldcrow template in which bothers me that his style is not UNIQUE ANYMORE! FUCK! I'M TAKING A DIARRHEA DUMP!


Beanfan112's Megara: Oh, my, god. I've seen the movie Hurcules, and the movie was good, but this character, SUCKS. Blocky and horrible sprites, doesn't even look like her, bad gameplay, spamming projectile, bad sounds, I had to put this.

NOTE!: This is MY opinion, so don't put anything saying, :What!? Ilike that character!", it's MY choise of characters.

And P.S, All you people who are copying Madoldcrow's art style: QUIT IT! The reason I liked Madoldcrow's characters was because he made his characters unique, like Judgespear and all those legendary creators, but copying his art style does not make your characters better

(AHEM, Mung Daal).

So this is it. D:

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