I'm getting back into MUGEN, starting with Pencil from BFDI.

I've only gotten as far as her punches and the light kick. (Paint.NET is not an easy spriting tool.)

Here's my ideas so far.

  • Planned custom A.I.
  • Planned 6-button character
  • Planned to snap in half upon entering the liedown state when killed with a heavy attack.


Point Stab: Looks like a dropkick, but causes both Pencil and the opponent to freeze for half a second upon hit (similar to Daniel's Paralyzing Pandemonium projectile) until Pencil pulls herself off of the opponent. The opponent then falls, and Pencil is lightly launched away from the opponent.

Summon Ice Cube: Pencil summons Ice Cube as a striker. Ice Cube slides across the stage until she either hits the opponent or is hit by the opponent. She is then knocked back. (COMPLETED)


Leafy Detector: A laser that does less-than-average damage, causes the opponent to "spaz out" (go into a state that makes them switch from random hit sprites) and slowly raises them into the air. Leaves them stunned for two seconds. (BEING DEVELOPED)

Eliminated: The opponent is scooped up by the contestant launcher, and they are flung into the TLC, dealing severe amounts of chip damage upon landing. (BEING DEVELOPED)


YhIdSgz.png 9xAVNF7.png TGXlV9f.png

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