• Dark Ruler

    My New WIP Char

    February 11, 2013 by Dark Ruler

    MUGEN DataBase in the first post. Until now, I've created a boss character.

    However, this character is a little different.

    This character is a normal character.

    I oft have thought. Why MLP mugen sure how much character the character to the right.  (TylorTheHedgeHog and RockRage8962's work was pretty good.)

    I've never played the game, but (game drive in my computer does not.)

    To implement basic animation while watching a video.

    Of the essential character sprites and (except guard animation) animation required to complete pre-state is discussed.

    Still remaining ones

    - Attack moves (Hyper moves, including special moves) 
    - Guard animation
    - Intro animation
    - Timer Over Animation
    - Win Animation
    - Stun (Anim 5300)
    - MOVES cut-in
    - The sound code

    racters come …

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