Sorry for such a long post...

Mugen Leagues was a game that I started on August 13th, 2014. (To put it simply, today.) I jumped onto chat, hoping that my idea would be allowed by a mod, and, much to my suprise, it was. There were three other individuals who played, before all of them left in a three hour time window. (What a numeric coincidence!) Basically, this is how it goes:

  1. I would list five characters/teams, two chat participants would select one character/team from the set.
  2. The two characters/teams would fight in an AI-controlled Mugen fight.
  3. Whoever wins gains experience towards leveling up, and coins for unlocking.
  4. All matches are done one at a time, to avoid killing chat and/or other consequences.

Each player's data would be recorded in Notepad accordingly. There is no level limit, and the amount of coins gained is based on how many matches the winning character has lost. Every 50 levels, a player gets to add a character in the roster to their "Perma-Roster", which means that player can select said character, regardless if I list them or not. Cheap characters cannot be added to Perma-Rosters. Players can also use coins to buff their character in many ways. (increase life, increase speed of a certain move, etc.)

My current Mugen Leagues roster consists of 171 characters, and you may always suggest more by PM'ing me in chat, as long as they aren't NSFW. When I'm on, expect me to do this, but sometimes I just sit back and talk, like most of the chat.

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