as said by my previous account, here are some updates that i, as a new account, was requested to list.

first of all, well... i'm going to be cancelling all my other projects, except for the following.

  • Mario
  • Pikachu
  • Michael Rosen

this also means Scout and Soldier aren't gonna be finished. yeah, sorry. :c

but what i can do, if you're alright with this, is release what i finished of Scout and Soldier, as well as make a few minor tweaks to them so they are compatible. what do you think about this?


Scout and Soldier have been released

second update is that i'm not going to be very M.U.G.E.N active around here, since i have a show coming up on my main YouTube channel, that currently needs voice-actors, and you might wanna check it out.



....ah shit. i picked a horrible date to make this update. so mind you, this update is no April Fools joke. :/

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