What is up everyone?, just want to show off some sprites i did. I'm trying to make up some free time(as i have a repeat college assignment to do, and having a let's play channel on youtube) to practice different ways in making characters be it custom made or edits to make a character. As for Gumball i'm currently getting the rest of his jump and crouch attacks done. His standing basic attacks are pretty much finished so once i get the rest done i may release a beta of him. Got a lot more planned for him, thanks to a lot of your suggetsions :).

So anyway here's some sprites i made of characters i think would be cool for mugen. I don't want to make anything offical yet as these are just practice(if i do anymore i will update this blog).So let me know what you all think.

Darwin(Amazing World of Gumball)


Ripster(Street Sharks) Sprite edit of Hulk and Venom


MMPR Green Ranger(Sprite edit of Cyclops)


Dr Robotnik(Sonic SATAM) custom made using adobe illustrator.


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