Hey everyone, how's things, been out of the whole MUGEN loop for quite some time eh haha. Decided to give a brief overdue update on what's going on if anyone is wondering. Lately i've had little time to get back to mugen for a while. Busy with work and also with my let's play channel on Youtube. But I have found a way so i can make a bit of time for mugen and my characters.

My main focus right now is my W.I.P of Rick and Morty. It's coming along a bit slowly but also want to make sure I make it the best and accurate as I can and not rush it. I am doing the same method as I did with Gumball and Darwin, with custom sprites that sorta replicate the show(here's just few of the animations so far to show ye)




Speaking of Gumball and Darwin, I may get back to them and add a little more to them, I'm taking notes from videos i see that feature them in mugen battles and the main thing that I'd like to get fixed is the AI in both of them, but have no knowledge on it whatsoever. Maybe i might need to change the template i used, or if anyone knows how to make better AI please let me know.So with that I will see you guys later.