Hey all, been quite a while since i've been on here. been busy with other things in life. But anywho I would like to tell you that i got around to having a beta of Gumball completed and is available for download on mediafire, here is the link:

I have still more to do with him and there will be some things missing from him in the beta, like his tripped animation or rolling back and forward animation.

Here's what to be expected in the final version:

  • 3 more hypers(Carrie Possession,Lightning Uppercut and Ultimate Combo)
  • more special moves(still looking for suggestions, Darwin assist will be one for sure).
  • More intro and win poses
  • Character intros(with Darwin,Mario, Batman, Himself(maybe)).
  • Anything that i have not done in the beta

You will see a half done character intro with Batman in the beta also :)


So let me know what you guys think of the beta, and also any suggestions or anything about him. tell me here in this blogpost and i'll look into it :)

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