Hey folks, It's been quite some time,but i'm happy to announce that I will finally be releasing my latest update of Gumball. It has been long overdue lmao. Here is what's new in this beta:

  • 2 new Intros
  • Special Character Intros with Batman(now completed), Ironman, Darwin, Mario & Luigi,Kung Fu Man and Himself(and other versions of Gumball)
  • 3rd Win Pose
  • More color palettes
  • Grab move(now fixed so other characters can be seen when thrown by him).
  • 3 new special moves: The Clayzooka ,The Anaihilator and Darwin Assist
  • 1 new super: Carrie Possession
  • Midnight Bliss Compatibilty
  • Fatality Compatibility with Soul Ninja(most of the animations done).

What's left to be done:

  • 2 more supers(mainly from "The Words" episode)
  • 1 more special move(suggestions welcome).
  • Running Animation
  • Possibly an air grab throw
  • More fatality animations(Head inflate, body Inflate, falling from the Pit 2 stage)
  • Fatal move compatibilty with the characters from The Black Heart
  • Hopefully a little bit of a stronger and more challenging AI
  • Anything else i can think of lol( thinking of a special intro with Spiderman)

Special thanks to:

TheWaluigiKing for 2 palettes

Jenngra505 and PlasmoidThunder for testing and helping out with some things.

You can download him here:

Hope you all enjoy!

Just some images to show :)


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