• Cattigan619

    Overdue Update

    June 18, 2016 by Cattigan619

    Hey everyone, how's things, been out of the whole MUGEN loop for quite some time eh haha. Decided to give a brief overdue update on what's going on if anyone is wondering. Lately i've had little time to get back to mugen for a while. Busy with work and also with my let's play channel on Youtube. But I have found a way so i can make a bit of time for mugen and my characters.

    My main focus right now is my W.I.P of Rick and Morty. It's coming along a bit slowly but also want to make sure I make it the best and accurate as I can and not rush it. I am doing the same method as I did with Gumball and Darwin, with custom sprites that sorta replicate the show(here's just few of the animations so far to show ye)

    Speaking of Gumball and Darwin, I may g…

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  • Cattigan619

    Rick and Morty W.I.P

    October 18, 2015 by Cattigan619

    Hey everyone,just want to announce the next new character i will be working on, Rick and Morty! My main plan is too have them as a duo character(similar to Madoldcrow1105's Jake and Finn) where Morty would watch on and assist Rick in some of the attacks. Some of Rick's special attacks would consist of his portal gun, laser gun and freeze ray, also a Mr Meseeks box where he summons him to attack the opponent. Am working on Rick's sprites at the moment, so here's one of his stance.

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  • Cattigan619

    Darwin Beta Release!

    December 30, 2014 by Cattigan619

    Hey all, just want to post in saying that I am releasing a beta of the Darwin i am working on. It's a bare bones beta, it still is in need of some super moves, win poses and such. It's still pretty much in planning stages of what i will do for them. 

    So far it has:1 super move, 5 hyper moves, 3 intros, 3 character intros, 1 win pose, some compatibility animations for fatalities

    But just want to give you all something before the New Year. So hope you enjoy!

    And also feel free to give me suggestions on some moves and that, It would help me alot and much appreciated.

    Here's the link:

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  • Cattigan619

    Hey everyone, just want to give a brief update on the progress so far on Darwin. I have his basics done and I'm currently working on his hyper moves right now. I still need to plan out his specials(only have finished one which is his fireball projectile). So feel free to give any suggestions for some super moves. Also along the way I will be aiming in finishing Gumball and give him his two level 3 hypers.

    His planned hypers will be

    • Paintball Shots(Lvl 1 hyper, similar to Gumball)
    • Karate kicks(lvl 1 hyper)
    • Rapid Fireballs(lvl 2 hyper)
    • Hyper Sneeze(lvl 2 hyper)
    • Let It all out(lvl 3, blows huge bubble and explodes when opponent hits it)
    • Mocking Bird Call(lvl 3,Darwin whistles and a barrage of mocking birds attack)

    Here is some ofmy progress with some…

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  • Cattigan619

    Gumball Beta 2 Released!

    September 8, 2014 by Cattigan619

    Hey folks, It's been quite some time,but i'm happy to announce that I will finally be releasing my latest update of Gumball. It has been long overdue lmao. Here is what's new in this beta:

    • 2 new Intros
    • Special Character Intros with Batman(now completed), Ironman, Darwin, Mario & Luigi,Kung Fu Man and Himself(and other versions of Gumball)
    • 3rd Win Pose
    • More color palettes
    • Grab move(now fixed so other characters can be seen when thrown by him).
    • 3 new special moves: The Clayzooka ,The Anaihilator and Darwin Assist
    • 1 new super: Carrie Possession
    • Midnight Bliss Compatibilty
    • Fatality Compatibility with Soul Ninja(most of the animations done).

    What's left to be done:

    • 2 more supers(mainly from "The Words" episode)
    • 1 more special move(suggestions welcome).
    • Runn…

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