Black Kyurem

aka Heatran

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  • My occupation is Managing the cheap MUGEN characters archive.
  • I am Male
  • Black Kyurem

    Its been a while since I posted any of my work to show people here, so anyways I'll just get down to it.

    Anyways, this is Goldjinshin. Its a golden scale custom/enhanced version of an edit of Murakumo known as GENJINSHIN, a majority of the gold coloring was done by myself along with the glowing outline effect.

    And here is what he looks like IF your using palettes 1-5/7-12, to ensure people are not gonna whine and complain he is a cheapo. His 6th palette is completely beatable by normal characters, even a skill KFM user could beat this mode. I've done my best to ensure this mode be beatable by normal characters.

    Anyways, here are a few more screen shots.

    Thats all I have for now, I'll go ahead and say this isn't one of those "lol i can kill al…

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  • Black Kyurem

    I've noticed the increase of people making these cheap edits labing them as killer and blood, I just want to say that these edits are overdone and unoriginal. I dunno what started the trend (it might of been me and my older edits.) I'll go ahead and give advice if your going to create an edit of ANY sorts (for ANY edit).

    If your going to make any of these cheap edit. Give it original aspects of sorts and give it a non-cheap mode so people who strictly use normal characters can defeat it.

    Same applies to non-cheap edits, originality is a most for edit making and making sure its not broken is also a key part. As any part being broken or non-working can be bad, same applies to cheap edits.

    Also, I know many hate cheap characters. But some can be…

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  • Black Kyurem

    Explains the basic concept of today's cheap characters, using a well known mario edit to explain each part as I can.

    To PlasmoidThunder, if your reading this. Could this go on the Cheapie page as an example?

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  • Black Kyurem

    As the title says, I'm unsure if this character is original or not. I'd like to make an article on this character/edit but I'd like to know if anyone knows his origin. If he is original or an edit of an existing character, if anyone knows it would be great if someone told me before I go and make the article.

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  • Black Kyurem

    Golden Eye...?

    April 16, 2014 by Black Kyurem

    Something KiBaNaRutOMuGeN and I are making, basically he took the effects of Devils Eye and turned them golden. While I'm going to be making coding edits and making him "immortal" using all the defense tactics I know. So far it looks pretty amazing.

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