Well, since i am not very creative about names, i didn't gave this game one. It won't include SSB and i need ideas for name.

Anyway, hello there, i am not very well known MUGEN character creator. Recently, i though about starting this project mostly because if Ridley and K.Rool isn't playable while Ganondorf is a C.Falcon clone in SSB4, then i need to have them playable at least somewhere with not-clone Ganondorf. And since MUGEN isn't as limited as SSB, i decided to start this project. Once again, i will use 3D models for sprites because making new sprites requires too much time. And once again, i am working on that completly alone. I guess it is easier because i don't have to tell anyone how something should be done.

Playable characters

Lets start with the roster:

Note: some of the models will be edited before i will start working on characters that use those models. For example, Ridley's textures will be recolored to make him look like his SSBB version (or SSB4 version if he is playable). Also, this is not all of the characters that will be used. There is list of them below. Meta Ridley is replaced by Dark Samus as a boss and will be separate release, not in this game. Why? Dark Samus has more awesome attacks. Life bars used in images won't be used for this project.

Each franchise will have only 2 playable characters and both should be very important.


Mario (duh)

Bowser (SSB4 textures)

Legend of Zelda


Ganondorf (Ocarina of Time 3D model, uses sword, melee attacks and magic)





Samus (SSB4/Other M model)

Ridley (edited Other M model, thanks to Angelglory from smashboards for the original model)

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong (duh)

(King) K.Rool (need ideas for this one)


Kirby (duh)

Meta Knight (just because there is too many big villains to add Dedede instead and he is awesome...i like Dedede too)

That is all for now. Yeah, not too much, but it is only start. As you can see, there is enough fanservice. No, RIGHT kind of fanservice. One that is always safe for work (SFW). When i will finish those guys and after some time, i will start adding other characters from SSB (for N64) without villains for them of course. Then i will start adding Melee franchises.


About the most important part gameplay: each character uses 4 buttons for basic attacks, 1 separate button for throw and another one for launcher attack. All of playable characters has specials, hypers, all of that stuff + one One-Hit KO attack that requires player to fill a special meter to use and it won't be that easy to balance it. Kinda like a Final Smash. Also, no wavedashing, so, this game will suck...right? At least there won't be any accidental tripping. Most (or even all) characters won't properly work in normal MUGEN, so, don't try to put them in your normal MUGEN. Overall, close to that MvC gameplay my characters had. This game will use MUGEN 1.1 because it is just better than previous versions.

Stage list

...dunno, but there will be this Norfair:


Just without that red glow/tint thing.

Other info

Don't expect me to add a lot of Metroid stuff - i like all of the franchises (Metroid is my favourite one out of all of them, mostly because of Ridley) except for DK and LoZ because i didn't played any of the games from this franchises (but Hyrule Warriors looks great, so, i will use it for Ganondorf's moveset). Also, no 3rd party characters. At all. No Sonic, Shadow, Snake, Mega Man, etc. and no 4th party characters like Goku. Even if there will be 3rd party characters, it will most likely be Sonic and maybe Mega Man.

As for bosses...well, i only know that i will add Dark Samus. Need other ideas for bosses like that. Maybe Zant or Ghirahim, i don't know.

I will credit authors of some of those models and textures.

Now i need to create website or something to post updates on.

My animation skills improved recently, so, here is the result of having more time and better skills:




I will fix that leg sliding of course. Ignore those dead grey eyes - they are actually orange, it is just that program i used screwed up animation colors a bit.

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