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    Well, since i am not very creative about names, i didn't gave this game one. It won't include SSB and i need ideas for name.

    Anyway, hello there, i am not very well known MUGEN character creator. Recently, i though about starting this project mostly because if Ridley and K.Rool isn't playable while Ganondorf is a C.Falcon clone in SSB4, then i need to have them playable at least somewhere with not-clone Ganondorf. And since MUGEN isn't as limited as SSB, i decided to start this project. Once again, i will use 3D models for sprites because making new sprites requires too much time. And once again, i am working on that completly alone. I guess it is easier because i don't have to tell anyone how something should be done.

    Lets start with the ro…

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  • BaganSmashBros

    I will add each character i made to this list.

    For now, this is all of them that i found (i also made Megalon, Godzilla, MechaGodzilla, Renamon, Guilmon, Ahul, Bowser, Destroyah, Orga, Buzzsaw Gigan, Megaguirus, Yamata-No-Orochi, Titanosaurus and some other, but their quality is terrible (exept for Orga) and i made them from other characters not by me (but only Megaguirus, Titanosaurus and Godzilla 54 is sprite swaps), so, i won`t add them to list) 

    First fight - Meta Ridley and M:OM Ridley (M:OM Ridley is avaible for download, check Ridley`s page for him)

    Second fight - Giga Ridley (check Ridley`s page for him, boss character with Ridley X roar that can annoy you or make your ears explode) and M:OM Samus

    Third fight - Raptors

    4th - T-rex and T…

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