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imcomplete and forgetten projects by aperson98  these files are cahracters I was worked on for a time but just never felt like finishing anyway rather then let them rot in my hard drive I figured I releasethese as open projestish files use as you wish as long I get credit and for the Stimpy edit be sure to credit Madoldcrow for his original character loloh and for unused MK sprites be sure to credit Fly for ripping them lol. List of characters in the package Aang-a bare bones character lol missing a lot of stuff Butthead-A semi spriteswap of Beavis all you have to do is swap heads really lol and his colors are in the palette so its an easy switch lol. Barney the dinosaur- A punching bag for the most part he has hurt sprites yay and all required sprites are in lol Old Mortal Kombat characters-These range from ok to craptasic to be honest the sffs is the real gold here as there is edits by me and unused sprites ripped by Fly Stimpy edit by Madoldcrow-best and most complete of the bunch but something feels lacking in my edit oh well. Download here-

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