• Aperson98

    Happy late Valentines day everyone I thought I would show the some edits of Warner's cartoon characters
    I thought the original versions of these characters needed a big edit and update so I polished them up a bit.
    Some of the characters movesets have changed quite a bit so reading in their new readme files is a must.

    - the Incredibles (two in one)

    - Fred Flintsone

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  • Aperson98

    SSBB Luigi released

    October 8, 2013 by Aperson98

    Finally after all this time Luigi is released. He has updated sprites and moves I'm sure you will love. He also has two alternative modes YTP Luigi or Stone Luigi and you and pick his gameplay style by picking the either his normal def file for normal gameplay or his SSBBLuigi def file for smash gameplay. Pics- [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] Download- I hope you all enjoy him!:D

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  • Aperson98

    I hope you enjoy the new intros the final Luigi will have folks.

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  • Aperson98

    Would anyone be in support of this I want fix up some of the characters they made after I finish Luigi for example

    Wario- add a taunt, update voice pack, give him a grab/throw move

    Fred- make him seem like less of a spriteswap

    Elastigirl - remove violet and refine for gameplay and physics to be more robust

    Mr. Inrcedible - same as Elastigirl

    Finn and Jake- fix up and or change some of the more wooden animations he has and add one more special move for Finn

    Rigby- Fix bugs the MFG pointed out

    Mordicai- same as finn

    Feel free to share any thoughts about this.

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  • Aperson98

    I have decided to release a beta version of Luigi for Public testing for feedback and to see how people like it I still need to add some more intros, super moves, and FX to the green missle.

    Download here-  http://www.mediafire...k2dzq82hr913qi5

    feel free to share this beta version.

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