Tonight i will start a Cartoon & Anime tournament

Roster 8-22-2013
Just look at my roster and pick you characters there will be eight teams

1. Rapthemonkey9 (Marvin, Mario, Doodlebob, Family Dog 

2. Excellent Donald ZERO 2nd (Luigi, Zeeky, Lucario and Kamek)

3. Satanchu (Wreck-It Ralph, Bender, Pinkie Pie, P. Bubblegum


5. Tanicthefox (Red, Bomb, Terrence, Stella)


7. Slk Mugen (Mordecai, Popeye, Sonic and Mion)

8. Angrybirdperson555 (Homer, Peter, Annoying Orange, Ika Musume)


1. Wiki Users ONLY!

2. Don't copy another character that they or i have

3. Don't pick the video game characters (Mario and Sonic only)

4. No cheap characters only me

5. No mean comments during when the video is uploaded

So please please PLEASE pick your team

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