Hello Everybody Tonights W.I.P. Card will be Chris Griffin (On Hold)


  1. Peter Griffin (For win he will say "Can't Touch Me" For Lose he will say "You Son of a..." and pulls out his middle finger)
  2. Brian Griffin (For Win he will say "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" for Lose he will say "THIS SUCKS")
  3. Stewie Griffin (For Win he should say "Victory is ours" "From Da Boom" for Lose he shuold say AWW damn you all)


  1. ... I forgot what its called its from the old Chris that uses the Cereal Box Sprites... I think
  2. Gutiar Whack (From Back to the Multiverse) (uses 100 Power)


  1. Gutiar Whack Upper (1 Power Bar)
  2. Fire Power from Super Griffins (2 Power Bars) 
  3. Evil Monkey Roller (3 Power Bars does 20-hit combo)
  4. Emo Chris (From Saving Private Brian) (Uses 4 Power Bars)
  5. Shun Goku Satsu OHKO (Uses 5000 Power Bars, when grabs opponet he should say "YOU DESTROYED MY VAGINA")

AI Level

Level 4 


1. Normal

2. Red

3. Green

4. Yellow

5. Orange

6. Purple

7. Lois Griffin

8. Peter Griffin

9. High School Uniform

10. Dark Red

11. Dark Chris (Grey and Dark White)

12. Emo Chris aka Evil Palette

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