I'm making sprites of my another favorite singer of my country, it's Dulce Maria, an ex-RBD, i want to appear in M.U.G.E.N., but i'm making in progress and i will publish in this blog of Mugen database for one creator who can make in fighter factory,

please who wants my sprites of Dulce Maria?

I can give

Dulce Maria will have control with hair, music and peace, will include 5 hypers, one transform with 4 hypers, no assist,

  • Real name: Dulce Maria Espinoza Saviñon (A.K.A. Dulce Maria)
  • Nickname: Rebel girl, Strawberry girl, La Extranjera
  • Hair Color: Red (as a Teen similar to Arianna Grande) now is purple with dark
  • Favorite Food: Sushi and Quesadillas
  • Country: Mexico
  • Group: RBD (During 2004 to 2008) now as a solist
  • Age: 26 (december 6, will have 27)
  • City: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Albums: Extranjera parts 1 and 2 (Universal Music)
  • Personality: She's nice, friendly, strong, ussually like a teen, respect to the peace, she loves hippies, doesn't like technologies, play games, write songs, she's often a bad or rebel but she's a good person,
  • Relationships: Anahi (Rival in the past, best friend), Alfonso Herrera (Ex boyfriend, now friend), Maite Perrony (Ussually friend and partner) Cristopher Von Uckerman (Best friend) Cristian Chavez (Often partner) Akon (partner in the Music video "Beautiful")
  • She loves: Vacations, Music, fairies, and Party

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