Hey, guys! i'm Jarquin10, i realese the vote in youtube, i publish in facebook and now in Mugen database, 

Please guys! Vote now! Ponies and Spike are against the band of mexican teens,


  • We want bronies and maybe not bronies
  • No EME 15 fans allowed
  • Do not insult or kill Jarquin10
  • The video Winner will realese in February 5 on Youtube.
  • No trolls allowed

I tell a secret, i'm a brony, but i hate EME 15

What is better? My Little Pony or EME 15?, 

  • My Little Pony: 11 (8 more on facebook) (6 more on Youtube) in total are 24 (yey! winner!)
  • EME 15: 1 (8 in Youtube) (1 in facebook) in total are 10

Leave a comment :)

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