Hey guys, if you didn't noticed why i was gone, i was going on vacation for 3 days, now i'm back from internet! I'M OUT OF BOREDOM!! :D

And also, i need you to inform this:

In 19 August 2012, when i was in the chat of TheGreatTorbie Wiki, when i'm going away, IAMTORBIE said that he now hates Wikia because it was bad coded, BUT IT IS NOT, and he also hates YouTube because it is too boring, BUT IT IS NOT!!

Alright, Wikia isn't boring, because:

It is a site where you can make encyclopedias, wikis, etc. about things, NOT TO COMUNICATE!!

And YouTube isn't boring as hell, because:

It is a site to upload videos, NOT TO COMUNICATE!!

He also was going to leave internet due to these 2 sites.

Later, when i am back, he didn't leave, because he was too afraid to leave internet.

Internet should be a fun place, NOT TOTAL GARBAGE.

Regards, SkipperThePenguin100

EDIT: Hey guys, i am on xat, we aren't leaving internet.

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