aka SkipperThePenguin100

  • My occupation is Game Making
  • I am Male
  • Alessiofuffa3

    Guys, you should use the avatars, only if you give me credit.

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  • Alessiofuffa3

    Hey guys, if you didn't noticed why i was gone, i was going on vacation for 3 days, now i'm back from internet! I'M OUT OF BOREDOM!! :D

    And also, i need you to inform this:

    In 19 August 2012, when i was in the chat of TheGreatTorbie Wiki, when i'm going away, IAMTORBIE said that he now hates Wikia because it was bad coded, BUT IT IS NOT, and he also hates YouTube because it is too boring, BUT IT IS NOT!!

    Alright, Wikia isn't boring, because:

    It is a site where you can make encyclopedias, wikis, etc. about things, NOT TO COMUNICATE!!

    And YouTube isn't boring as hell, because:

    It is a site to upload videos, NOT TO COMUNICATE!!

    He also was going to leave internet due to these 2 sites.

    Later, when i am back, he didn't leave, because he was too afraid …

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  • Alessiofuffa3

    Alright, i am a newbie at M.U.G.E.N., and instead if i make chars, i will only spriteswap the chars to something i wish until i am learning a EASY tutorial on how to make characters without spriteswapping, sorry about that, but don't get mad on me, since i don't want to support rude comments. I hope you understand, i will not make P-head because AngryNoahs just taked place doing the P-head, i'll just spriteswap others. Regards, Alessiofuffa3. {C}


    Ok, just saying, i am making a REAL rainbow dash (non-spriteswap), but i need special, super and hyper attack ideas, IAMTORBIE is the only one who asked me 2 hyper attack ideas, suggest in the comments please, here's the list of the attacks that needs to be complete, after that, i'll continue …

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  • Alessiofuffa3

    Hi, guys, i'm making a unknown project that it is not mugen, nor wikia, but in a different wiki system, it's all about dream logos, the project's name's not revealing until the project is complete, it's similar to this site:

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  • Alessiofuffa3

    Hello everyone, this is your only-playable buddy Alessiofuffa3, and i'm giving you a sneak peek to my MUGEN char i'm planning on, it's the PBS' P-Head. Here are some sprites if you wanna see how it is made in MUGEN.

    But i need help, i need more enough sprites and the special, super and hyper attack sprites, and just even sounds. Help me please.

    Finn has told you to, TROOGTRFKGFJG, wait, it's not! (talk) 10:06, August 15, 2012 (UTC)

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