Dark Bowser [ML3: Bowser's Inside Story]: 2

Dark Fawful [ML3: Bowser's Inside Story]: 0

Pirannah Plant [Various]: 0

Grodus [Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door]: 0

Tatanga [Super Mario Land]: 0

Dry Bowser [New Super Mario Bros]: 2

Baby Mario & Luigi [Mario and Luigi: Partners In Time]: 4

Baby Wario [Yoshi's Island DS]: 1

Dry Bones (a better version) [SMB3]: 4

Boom Boom [SMB3]: 1

Luigi's Mansion Ghosts [Luigi's Mansion]: 0

King Boo [Luigi's Mansion]: 0

RULEZ: 1. Suggest characetrs that have not been added to this list so I can write down more voting decisions. 2. Only vote for Mario characters that have not already been made into MUGEN chars (but rarely I will accept already made chars). 3. I do not have the capability of making MUGEN chars. You can make them yourself. Sorry. 4. If you have already voted but you have suggested a char later. That's ok, it counts. But don't suggest or vote for more than 3 chars.

Last but not least. There wil be NO results for this blog. Becuase eventually you people will stop voting on this so this blog is gonig to be a sort of a see who would be a better character for the next 10 seconds until another charcater gets more votes or something like that.

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