Hello guys it's 6tails6 all my characters i am making is going to be private for the people i chat with who i will tell later.

(Big Note)

Anyone who is reading this need to know all of my future WIP and Stages i'm going to make.

Ultimate Mario (Super Mario Advance 4)

Ultimate Luigi (Super Mario Advance 4)

Piccolo (Dragon ball z Infinite World)

Tigger (Tigger's Honey Hunt) (I will not make him... i think)

Finn & Jake (Adventure time Break the worm)

Shadow (Final Fantasy Sonic X6) Note ( i might not)

Luke Skywalker (Super Star Wars ROJ)

Knuckles (Sonic Blast) Note (He will be a Joke Character as he's life and power points will be less than Nermal)


Waffle stage (For my friend Wakefuldave112)  (Song: Night of Fate from KIngdom Hearts)

Cartoon Netwook front page  (Song: Any song)

Chaos Faction 2 Custom stages (Song: Dragon Ball Z Wild Soul)

SMB2 first stage (You have to use this stage for the special intro of Ultimate Mario vs Symbiote Luigi)

Pouetpu Island SMW (Song: Mario World March)


Super Garfield (A edit of Aperson98 Garfield but with two more moves)

Nermal (Just to not make him a Joke Character with two supers and one hypers)

Super Matrix Mario (With a new Super move and New Hyper)

ZEEK Kung Fu Man (He will have two more Supers)

Super Matrix Luigi (The same as Mario)

That's all for now the names will come Tomorrow so stay tune.

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