Hola everyone, this is 6tails6 here with news to tell you. I'm not going to make





Jiji the penguin

Zero & MegaMan

Duel Doodle


Finn & Jake

Joke Knuckles

Those is all the characters i'm going to make.

Now this is my new WIP's

EarthWorm Jim



Japanese Spider-Man (A edit of Seth Zankuten's Spider-Man with Spider Dama voice pack)

Darnell (A edit of Alfjarquin's Garu but he's going to be wearing green on not balck and blue not red and he will talk)

6tails6 (It will be me from ROBLOX)

Noob Stickman


Jade the Cat


Kario (Mario Clone)

John Key

Toku (Duelpiccolo is helping)

Penguin Rigby (Duelpiccolo is helping)

Mordecai color Bugs Bunny

This is people I want in Mugen (but they is my own characters I want anyone who does request to make because I can't make custom sprites or draw them)

Tonic Sonny (He is a Duck with a Tiger Tail and is 3.7 feet tall and is a acrobat and has a Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts) (PS SonicCrash made a picture of him so ask him how he looks like)

Jake Watterson (A 52 year old blue cat who is the older brother of Nicole Watterson but he look likes Gumball but taller because he is almost the same size as a Basketball player but tow inches taller and he is also a Green Lantern and his name become as the Green Cat)

Mega Kid (A Pokemon that looks like a Grey plan Robot but he is a Electric/Dragon type, He only says Mega Kid and the moves he mostly use is Thunderpunch, Thunder, Aura Sphere, and Dragon Rush.)

That's all for now... See you later!

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