Hey everyone out there it's 6tails6 here and i am having a new Mario and Luigi Charaters Coming during Summer Break.If you guys want to know how they is this is there gameplay.

Name: Mario

Game: Super Mario Flash 1


Move Left: D

Move Right: A

Jump: W

Duck: S

Punch: P

Kick: O

Block: I (Note: the block will be almost the same as CDI Mario)


Kooper tropper ambush (2n Red Kooper shells come and trip the people who they fight) keys DF

Fireball Keys DFS


Super Kooper Tropper Ambush (5 Kooper shells come and trip people) Keys DES (Needs 1 power bar)

Color Small Flame Sheid (Just like Super Mario's Flame Sheid but small and colorful)

Super Mario's Hyper Blast (He turn's with the mario with the cape and do the HadoKen)

Name: Luigi

Game: Super Mario Flash 2 Luigi Revenge


Left: K

Right: J

Jump: I

Duck: M

Block: L (Note He will have a Shield like from SSBM)


Kooper Tropper Ambush: (Note Green shell) KN

Fireball: JN


Super Kooper Trooper Ambush (Note Like Mario but Green)

Instability Smash (Luigi turns white and jump up from the screen and Smash the foe and turn the foe turns white)

Super Luigi's Lighting Blast (Luigi turns into fire Luigi and shoots a Big Lighting Blast)

Note: Mario will have Three Voicepacks from Super Mario from ShinRyoga,A bit of SSBB Voice and Doug from The      King of the Queens. (Base of a Flipnote on the DSI)

Luigi will also have three voicepacks too From Super Luigi from ShinRyoga, A bit of SSBB Voice and Majin Vegeta From DBZ (For his hyper)

They will come out in the summer and Review please and i NEED FRiENDS! Bye.

Note (They will look like SNES Mario and Luigi) 

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