Hello everybody. If any of you want to know more info about the people i'm going to make then you need to read this.

Name: Super Mario

Game: Mario Combat

Mario will be a 4 buttoned character with three hypers, two assist character's, and one special.


Power charge Note (Power Charge is when Mario can power up like dragon ball z characters)


Luigi (From SMB3 the one im making)

Zero (From Zero in Super Mario World)


Combo 1 (He does the same two punches and a kick)

Combo 2 (He Uppercuts and then jump and punch you down)

Combo 3 (he does all He's combo's and then throws a fireball)

Name: Super Luigi

Game: Super Mario Bros 3

Luigi will also be a 4 buttoned charater like mario and He will have three special's, two assist, and one hyper


Bone throw (He throws a bone)


Coin Punch (He jump's and when his fist is up he has the coins come and punch you in the sky


Mario (From MC)

MegaMan (From SMF)


Hyper Star (He use all of his same move but is invincible)

Name: Ryu

Game: Street Fighter 2 Flash

Ryu will be a maybe 6 or 4 Buttoned Charater and Possble MVC Charater.




Tatsumaki Senpukyaku


Shinku HadoKen

Shin Shoryuken

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