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  • I live in In a world of lies, i've gotta fix
  • I was born on January 9
  • My occupation is Poet. Motivational Speaker, Sophomore, and writer/typer
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  • 6tails6

    I'm back

    August 11, 2013 by 6tails6

    Hola everybody this is 6tails6 to say I'm back! So what did I miss?

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  • 6tails6

    Hola everyone, this is 6tails6 here with news to tell you. I'm not going to make





    Jiji the penguin

    Zero & MegaMan

    Duel Doodle


    Finn & Jake

    Joke Knuckles

    Those is all the characters i'm going to make.

    Now this is my new WIP's

    EarthWorm Jim



    Japanese Spider-Man (A edit of Seth Zankuten's Spider-Man with Spider Dama voice pack)

    Darnell (A edit of Alfjarquin's Garu but he's going to be wearing green on not balck and blue not red and he will talk)

    6tails6 (It will be me from ROBLOX)

    Noob Stickman


    Jade the Cat


    Kario (Mario Clone)

    John Key

    Toku (Duelpiccolo is helping)

    Penguin Rigby (Duelpiccolo is helping)

    Mordecai color Bugs Bunny

    This is people I want in Mugen (but they is my own characters I want anyone who does r…

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  • 6tails6

    Need to read this

    June 2, 2013 by 6tails6

    Hola everyone 6tails6 here with big news.

    Do you guys know Tanooki Mario, SMA4 Mario?

    Well if you do then i'm going to not make My SMW Bros and make Tanooki Luigi and a better version of SMA4 Mario.

    This was 6tails6, Peace Out!

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  • 6tails6

    Hola amigos. 6tails6 here with great news! I'm almost done with The Mario Bros on the computer. And for proof here is there sprites.

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  • 6tails6

    Private Character's

    June 1, 2013 by 6tails6

    Now this my Private character's.

    Mario (From Mario Combat and Super Mario Flash)

    Luigi (From SMB3 and Super Mario Flash 2)

    Mecha Sonic

    Knuckles (Sonic 3)



    the last two is...

    Sonic and Tails

    Those are the Private Characters.

    Peace Out!

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