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Unknown Creator is both the name of an actual creator, and the term for a creator who left the 'Author's Name' field blank in a character or stage's .def file, or left the author's name unchanged in the case of a spriteswap.

Unknown creator (term) Edit

An unknown creator is the term used for a creator who's name isn't known, most likely due to it not being present anywhere in a character, or stage's files. The majority of the time, creations made by unknown creators tend to be of a relatively poor quality.

Unknown Creator (creator) Edit

Unknown Creator is also the name of an actual M.U.G.E.N creator, notorious for his poorly made, spriteswapped characters. the only way to get his characters is to ask TheIranSonic for them. His creations are mostly moving Sandbag edits, Kuromaru edits and Neo Sonic spriteswaps, but he has created one original character known as Cheap Cracker. He disrespects TheIranSonic for beating up his creations. He is the younger brother of another infamous creator known as PinkiePie11. Despite people not knowing who he is he has made a deviantart account called "TheIranTardnic". In which the account is aimed towards impersonating TIS2012. Now he has a new Deviantart account that has jenngra505's youtube icon but his screename still says "Unknown Creator"

Known CreationsEdit



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  • TheIranshitter Boss Battle

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