UNDERTALE is an indie RPG game released for the PC in 2015 by Toby "Radiation" Fox, who was previously known in the EarthBound ROM hacking community; due to his previous works, UNDERTALE's core gameplay takes a large inspiration from EarthBound, as well as taking inspiration from bullet hell shooters such as Touhou Project.

The plot focuses around a human child named Frisk, who has fallen down a chasm in Mt. Ebott to enter a world filled with monsters known only as "The Underground"; the monsters of the underground, led by their king Asgore, are seeking to collect the souls of fallen humans in order to break the barrier that keeps them imprisoned in The Underground and return to the surface. The game's ending, as well as which of the game's three routes the player takes, is directly determined by the player's actions as Frisk; the Pacifist and Neutral routes emphasize the morality of killing and encourage the player to spare all enemy monsters that they encounter, while the game's Genocide route encourages the player to instead kill every inhabitant of The Underground.



Original Characters AlphysAsriel DreemurrCharaDummyFriskPapyrusSans
Alternative Universe Characters Betty
Stages Final CorridorPapyrus and Sans's houseThe RuinsToriel's Gate