Two Two
A muscular depiction of Xatu



Oldest version

Sakuragawa's version (2011)

Newest version

Sakuragawa's version (2011)



Two Two is a Japanese Internet meme based around the Pokémon Xatu. The meme involves images and videos about Xatu shouting its in-game cry, which sounds like "two two", often followed by several strange images.

To some, Xatu is depicted as an all-powerful being, most notably because of its mystical appearance and its ability to see into the future, where it simply stares at the viewer with a blank expression on its face. Certain depictions of Xatu portray it as a huge, musclebound entity, often making it look like a fusion between itself and Machoke.

In M.U.G.E.N, Two Two has been created by Sakuragawa under the name of "to-to-". It takes cues from the overly muscular depiction of Xatu, using Urien as a base, and frequently plays Xatu's cry at random intervals.

Sakuragawa's version


Ever wondered what Xatu would look like if it took too many Proteins? To-to- gives a pretty accurate representation of this scenario, complete with overpowered attacks and eye-nipple lasers. It can't combo to save its life, but perhaps its purpose is to save yours. Praise Xatu!