Rightful to its name, Training replicates the never-ending nature of the Training Mode, with the character refilling its Life constantly and having all of its attacks do no damage whatsoever. The primary purpose of this character is as a debugging tool that is capable of showing various useful information about the opponent.

Training (Training)
Character portrait









Training is technically a 7-button character, using all of its buttons ((S)Button-s included) for debugging utilities: (A)Button-a and (B)Button-b show the opponent's head and mid positions respectively; (C)Button-c makes the character strike a pose, while freezing any incoming attacking animation. If pressed again when the opponent's attack is frozen, it will show the opponent's default range as detailed on the "attack.dist" parameter in the constants file; (X)Button-x makes Training perform an attack after a countdown starting at 3. Pressing (X)Button-x while holding either Button-F or Button-B will make Training produce an horizontally-moving projectile or helper, respectively. Pressing (B)Button-b will display a table showing the opponent's last damage dealt, last total damage dealt in a combo string, maximum damage dealt in a combo string, the opponent's frame advantage (with a positive number meaning the opponent recovers faster than Training) and Training's control ability (whether Training can control itself or not). (C)Button-c displays a distance meter starting at the opponent.

(S)Button-s will display a pause menu with 7 options: Setting Training's state type (standing, crouching, on air) and distance from the opponent (separated in close, medum[sic] and far); Making Training guard any of the opponent's attacks, dodge and guardpush them or guard them after being hit; Making Training recover from all Softknockdown attacks in a set time with either an aerial recover or a techroll; Displaying a pointer right below Training showing its (body) distance from the opponent; Setting the time Training will lie down after being knocked; And changing Training's method of getting up (Between normally getting up or rolling forward/back).

Training comes packaged with 4 different variants of itself for testing, with each version using a different character differing in size; Prinny for the small setting, Tenshi Hinanawi and Kung Fu Man for the medium settings, and Hugo Andore for the large setting. By default, Training is set to the Kung Fu Man option, though this can be changed by editing the options inside its .Def file. Each version of the character differs only in their sprites and hurtbox size for the purposes of testing against characters of different sizes, and are otherwise functionally identical to one another.

Training has no A.I., and thus uses the default, randomly performing any of the aforementioned moves.







Each action button triggers different ways of testing a character, as well as bringing up an options menu; as such, Training has no Special or Hyper Attacks.

Name Command Input Properties
Attack Test (X)Button-x AirokNoDmg
Gives visual 3 second countdown before striking
Name Command Input Properties
Projectile Test Button-F+(X)Button-x or
Button-F version: creates projectile via projectile controller
Button-B version creates helper-based projectile
Name Command Input Properties
Toggle Frame Data (Y)Button-y Toggles display of damage, combo damage, maximum damage and frame advantage
Name Command Input Properties
Toggle Grid (Z)Button-z Toggles display of distance grid, useful for visually determining exact enemy distance and/or position of helpers/explods
Name Command Input Properties
Display Head Pos (A)Button-a Visually displays opponents head position as defined in the .cns file
Name Command Input Properties
Display Mid Pos (B)Button-b Visually displays opponents mid position as defined in the .cns file
Name Command Input Properties
Display Attack Dist (C)Button-c Pauses screen on enemy attack
(C)Button-c again to display the attack range of opponent's attack in which Training can guard
Name Command Input Properties
Options (S)Button-s Toggles display of options menu
Button-U, Button-D, Button-B, or Button-F to change one of the following options:
Training's state type
Distance from opponent
Automatic guarding
Automatic fall recovery
Time delay until automatic fall recovery
Pointer type
Time delay until getting up from lying down
Getup recovery roll direction

Palette Gallery


Victory quotes

This character does not have any victory quotes, meaning it uses the screenpack's default.


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  • The character portrait for Training is that of the titular character Hinako from Training with Hinako, a Japanese animated fitness video.
  • When Training is placed in a custom state by the opponent, some buttons may not work as intended. For instance, attempting to open the options menu with (S)Button-s may instead toggle frame data as if (Y)Button-y were pressed. This, of course, varies by character due to the way M.U.G.E.N handles command processing when placed in a custom state.
  • While both are categorized as Medium-size characters, the hurtboxes for the Tenshi setting are actually slightly shorter than those in the Kung Fu Man setting.


This character has not been edited.

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